Living in the Pacific Northwest can be frustrating for filmmakers who want to shoot real film, or use archival film in their stories.


Our last lab closed several years ago, and now everything must go to Burbank or Denver, the closest labs for processing. Even high quality 4k scans are available no closer than San Francisco. Beyond the expense of shipping and the extra cost of these expensive labs, many folks from consumers to schools to big business don't want valuable home or archive films to leave their libraries.

I intend to disrupt that by not only returning high quality 8 to 16mm film scanning to the Northwest, but also by providing it affordably, and at the highest "4k" quality, (Not available here in the past at all). We also need a way to capture badly damaged and worn films that are otherwise un-projectable, yet still carry valuable memories of our pasts.

I will use this GoFundMe to fund the purchase of a Kinetta Film Scanner. Though the room filling "Big Iron" machines, past and present can cost upwards as much as a house, the newest Kinetta for 8mm and 16mm formats (and even 9.5 and 17.5mm!) is about the same cost as a new Tesla Model 3! So not something I can just put on my credit card, but also not a crazy high capital investment. Sadly my credit union will give me a loan for a car, but not a machine like this! Although I've been in business for myself for many years, the last 15 years, i've been in academia, teaching film, and building film programs and studios.



In this business, Kinetta rules!

In this business, Kinetta rules!


Portrait by Ernie Sapiro

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Steve Bradford

Sounding out the bleeding edge of analog and digital media for over 30 years.
Before, he produced touch screen user interfaces & video sequences for a pioneering e-commerce company. Steve then moved on to invent a PC based system for mass-producing thousands of personalized home videos starring a Mattel toy character. I have created and taught film production programs at the college level.


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